How to use your iPad to get unstuck

Today’s post is via the amazing Daphne Gray-Grant (aka The Publication Coach).

Sorry to mention this to my readers who don’t have iPads, but here’s a fabulous free app if you do. It’s called Unstuck and can help you recover your data when the iPad freezes. It’s easy to use if you have a problem (a “stuck moment”) and it gives you a positive way of reframing the trouble.

Once you’ve registered (at no charge) here’s how it works . . .

Read the rest of this post on Daphne’s blog. Linger awhile–you’ll find lots of other terrific tips there.


  1. Guys how do hard reset iPad when not starting on black screen with broken home button?

  2. My ipad’s switch on button is jammed inside is there anything i can do?

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